Let us take on the job of caring about your next congress, event, festival or concert tour!

We provide you our entire expertise – reaching from a vehicle fleet over perfectly trained chauffeurs with excellent manners to a well-versed fleet manager, who fulfils small or bigger wishes and suggestions immediately.

Entrust the logistic organisation to us and you and your guests will get the most out of a perfect event.

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  • Event shuttle

    A reliable driving service is the beginning and the end of any succesful event. That's why to leave nothing to chance and to benefit from our event shuttle service.

    Our modern and exclusive vehicle fleet comprising limousines, minivans and coaches is at your disposal night and day.

    We take your guests and clients safely, comfortably and on time from the hotel to the event and back. Experienced drivers, a fleet manager and most up-to-date technology of communication are part and parcel of our service.

    At any event we operate discreetly in the background taking care of your event becoming a succes.

  • Congresses and trade fairs

    For congresses and trade fairs we provide you an experienced team, that reaches from polyglot chauffeurs over courteous event hostesses to a well-versed fleet manager. We take care that every participant, guest and speaker gets safely and on time to his lecture or presentation.

    We organise the pickups at airports, stations and hotels ensuring hereby the perfect course of your congress. We make sure that you can care undisturbed about your guests and conference participants but being informed about our operations in the background.

  • Valet Parking

    Make use of our Valet Parking Service and spare your guests, clients and VIPs the worry of searching a parking place on the occasion of your event. Just take it off their shoulders.

    By Valet Parking literally is meant the parking of a vehicle by an employee. The vehicle and its key are handed over to an authorised person at a central position. Meanwhile the vehicle is parked on an extra envisaged parking space. On demand the vehicle is brought back for the continuation of the journey.

    With this service the cars under our supervision are in good hands and insured. Our staff is well trained and on familiar ground with any type of vehicle from all kinds of labels.

  • Event Hostesses / Chauffeurs

    Reaching the aims with competence, sympathy and apparent enthusiasm for us and our staff is a compelling demand.

    To avoid logistical bottlenecks our polyglot and trained hostesses and hosts coordinate the transport requests of your guests before, during and after the event. You have your own fleet or a sponsored car pool at your disposal? You want to bring in your own vehicles for transporting your guests? Resort to our professional chauffeurs being experienced with your cars.

    Benefit from our experience and ease of handling with several vehicle categories. Our chauffer's behaviour at all times is well-groomed and elegant. We like fulfilling your specific requests. The persistent further training of our personnel is a matter of course for us. An extensive range of languages, knowledge of culture, people and lifestyle is available at your command.

    Willingly we provide you a steady team of hostesses and chauffeurs.